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new york



184 Main Street Victoria 8007




Spacious single room with 2 comfortable queen-sized bed, surrounded by views of graceful, blossoming trees. As if you were embraced by the surrounding nature.

Large duplex room, perfect for couple. An elegant lounge on the bottom level and an exclusive bedroom area on the top level. The rooms boast beautiful views of Phuket and a spectacular perfectly integrated Jacuzzi-bathroom area.

Designer-style duplex room with separated bedroom and kitchen/living room areas on different floors to maximize your comfort during your stay. The ground floor has a total area of 54 square meters, consisting of a kitchen and dining table and the upper part has another 30

Extra large studio room with open-air interior design. The total area is divided into 3 parts, which are bedroom, kitchen, and dining room. The highlight of this room is a private Jacuzzi overlooking the views of Phuket Town, to fully appreciate your stay in this